The terms “we” and “us” refers to Modular Extrusions, LLC.​ The terms “you” and “your” refers to the purchaser of the products from Modular Extrusions, LLC.

What do we ship?
All of our products on are shippable.

When do we ship?
Unless otherwise discussed at the time of the order or within 24 hours thereafter, the product(s) will ship from our location within 48 hours.

Where do we ship to?
Currently, we ship anywhere in the United States.

How do we ship?
Any of the following companies are used but are not limited to: USPS, UPS. If you have a preference for shipment method or a freight option you would like to use, please contact us directly and we can work out a shipment with your preferred freight option.

Rates to ship?
The rate to ship is specified in the checkout of our website. If we work out a preferred fright option, that shipment rate will be confirmed.

How to track an order that’s been shipped?
We will provide tracking numbers of orders you purchase through email.

In-store pick up option?
We allow in-store pick up on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you would like to pick up your extrusions. We will try our best to accommodate this pick up method.

Any questions about shipping can be sent to:

(651) 317-4758