There are many benefits to our rigid plastic extrusions.

Lower Price

Our rigid PVC extrusions are a fraction of the cost of aluminum. This is the biggest reason we began manufacturing our t-slot extrusions in the first place. Everyone wants to save cost, and who can argue with lower prices? Our prices are shown on the "shop" tab.

Non Corrosive

There are many environments where our plastic modular framing performs better than structural aluminum framing. For example:

1. In high saline environments, aluminum begins to pit and corrode

2. Chemicals such as Sodium Hydroxide or Lye are very reactive with aluminum

3. Hydrochloric acid will eat through aluminum, but according to our plastic extrusions are quite resistant to the acid.

If you have any chemical applications where you are not sure if Modular Extrusions is a good fit, contact us and we can send you a small sample to test.

Non Conductive

Our plastic framing has an extremely low conductivity.  So low in fact that they use variants of the same plastic as wire insulation.

If you have an application where you need a safety frame that is non-conductive, Modular Extrusions would be perfect for you.


Weighing only 0.68 lbs per foot, Modular Extrusions are a great choice where weight may be an issue.


15 Series


1515 (1.5"x1.5")

Part No.151104S
Weight Per Foot0.69 lbs

Stock length

Modulus of Elasticity


  350-400 ksi

Moment of InertiaIx=.2375 in4
Iy= .2375 in4
Estimated Area

1.064 in2





                                                      Modular Extrusion Applications

Because our Modular Extrusions are non-corrosive, non-conductive, and lightweight, there are many instances where using them is a better option than using aluminum. Here is a breakdown of some applications of our rigid PVC extrusions.

Machine Guarding


Cubicle Walls



Trade show booths

Lean work stations

EMI/EMC Test Stands & Fixtures

Non-metallic enclosures & fixtures

...and many more


                                                     Aluminum Extrusion Applications

There are a couple instances when using aluminum would be better than using our rigid PVC extrusions. The two instances are for heavy weight-bearing applications and applications where there is high heat involved. Although rigid PVC is strong, it is not as strong as aluminum. It is also not as heat-resistant as aluminum. In these applications, please use aluminum instead.

Chemical Compatibility

Click on the picture below to follow a link that will take you to a PVC chemical compatibility chart provided by  This should only be used as reference. Please make sure that you test the extrusions with any chemical they may come in contact with, Different types of PVC may react differently from what is shown in the chart.

PVC compatibility Provided by

PVC compatibility Provided by