Non-Aluminum T-slot Extrusions

T-slotted extrusions are used for many different applications. Since they are used for everything from machine guarding to mounting computers, to building testing equipment, t-slots are versatile for many different uses. Yet across the entire t-slot extrusions industry, the product is made out of only one material — aluminum.

With aluminum tariffs popping up overnight and the large increase in the price of aluminum products—including the price increase of aluminum t-slotted extrusions—it is useful to have another t-slot extrusion product in the market made out of an entirely different material.

Our rigid PVC t-slot extrusions are versatile in a new way. The different material allows you as a buyer to use them in different applications they otherwise are not used in. For example, due to the fact that rigid PVC is non-conductive (unlike aluminum), our non-aluminum rigid PVC extrusions have been used in electromagnetic testing applications. Plastic t-slot extrusions that are made out of a specific blend of rigid PVC materials that allows for lighter, more cost-friendly, gall and pit resistant, non-conductive applications.

Our rigid PVC plastic t-slotted extrusions also come in a few different colors, and they also hold their color better than aluminum since the color is mixed into the material before it is extruded (instead of painted on). That means the color is found throughout the extrusion.

We offer extrusions with an aluminum coloring, along with other options in safety yellow and midnight gray. Non-aluminum t-slot extrusions could be a better fit for you.

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